Have you struggled to find roof cleaning products that actually work? With heaps of options on the market, knowing which brand or type to trust can feel overwhelming.

There’s nothing worse than buying a roof cleaner that doesn’t live up to its hype or expectation. We’ve taken the guessing game out of the equation and done the research to save you time and your hard-earned money.

Although cleaning your roof may not be the most fun thing in the world, with these 4 roof cleaning products (and bonus cleaning tips) you can guarantee you’ll get the job done right the first time!

4 Best Roof Cleaning Products

German sheppard dog sitting next to bucket of roof cleaning product from wash safe

Wash Safe Industries Roof Wash

Wash Safe is ideal for removing mildew, lichen, moss, and even black algae as long as it isn’t too severe. While it is known for being tough on roof stains, perhaps one of its best features is that it is made with eco-friendly substances. That cannot be said for many other roofing cleaning solutions. This is especially a product worth trying if you have asphalt roofing shingles. While it isn’t the cheapest on the market, it is fairly priced.

1 gallon jug of concentrated spray and forget roof cleaning product

Spray & Forget Roof Cleaner

Another biodegradable and eco-friendly option, Spray & Forget, is an extremely versatile roof cleaner. If you have stains that are from lichen, moss, algae, mold, or mildew, this solution can get the job done. Spray & Forget is on the more expensive side, but you are paying for the quality as it may even be a slight step up from Wash Safe.

1 gallon jug of concentrated  roof cleaning product from DEFY

Defy Roof Cleaner Concentrate

Defy Roof Cleaner is an ideal solution for roofs that have new stains that haven’t completely set-in. If you have a roof that is seriously dirty, the above options will be much more reliable. That being said, Defy Roof Cleaner will help you get rid of most stains. It may not be the best option on this list, but it is easily in the top-tier group of roof cleaners.

1 gallon jug of concentrated  roof cleaning product from brand called TRUCLEANEX

TruCleanEX Deck and Roof Cleaner 

A very popular choice for many homeowners, TrueCleanEX Deck and Roof Cleaner, will help you get rid of mold and mildew, as well as other tough roof stains to get your home looking good as new. Similarly priced as the other products on this list,  you’ll get great value with this cleaner.

While power washing your roof may be difficult on your own, you can get close to attaining that level of cleanliness by using any of the four products we listed.

Roof Cleaning Tips

man standing on ladder cleaning out gutter with hands; roof cleaning product

Here are some simple yet crucial tips for successfully cleaning your roof.

Read the directions clearly – This one should probably go without saying, but for anyone who likes to wing things, please don’t do that when it comes to using cleaning solutions in your home. Failure to read the instructions clearly may result in more harm than good.

Use the 3 points of contact rule when using a ladder – Like we mention in our 3 Best ways to clean gutters (safely) Always, always have three points of contact when using a ladder.

Call a professional if your cleaning products don’t work – If your roof is really bad and you find that your DIY treatment doesn’t do the trick, don’t hesitate to call a professional roof cleaner.