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Our Purpose, Vision, and Culture

It Isn’t About a Number

While we are in business and looking to be successful our goal isn’t to be the largest in town. It isn’t about a number at the end of the month or the year and how much revenue we raked in. While that’s important for our business to be successful, we aren’t now and never will be driven by the amount of money we can make.

I’m Just a Simple Man

I started this business worried and excited at the same time. Worried because I’m just a kid that graduated high school in a Podunk town. One of my favorite quotes from an old friend is "I’m just a simple man". I thought I’d be playing basketball overseas or playing my trumpet for a living. Worried I would fail but determined to help and serve others. Leave a legacy with my family and friends of knowing that they were loved, and I’d do anything for them.

We Will Serve

Now, the worry is left behind. The determination and faith has fully taken over and in everything we do we will help others. We will continue to educate ourselves in every area of business and in our personal lives to be better and bring better things to the people around us and who we serve.

Honesty and Integrity

So, our commitment to you is...ask us to come to your home and we will honestly evaluate your needs and desires, form a plan of action that will get the end result you want, and do everything with motivation to truly be a blessing to you and your family’s greatest possession! We will serve you in a manner that brings the word INTEGRITY back to the service and construction industry.


As part of our ongoing "Getting to Know Your Local Businesses" series, this week we sat down with Jason Harley, owner of Eagle Eye Roofing.

New Roofs






Eagle Eye Roofing specializes in the installations of roofs, fences, custom gutters, and many other interior and exterior renovation services for property owners across the Houston, TX area.