Have your gutters been clogged for way too long?

For most of us, the answer is yes. Simply because finding the best ways to clean gutters requires trial and error.

Rain Gutters are the unsung heroes of a roofing system. While your roof as a whole is instrumental in keeping your home safe from the elements, gutters are instrumental in maintaining your roof’s integrity. If your gutters become clogged, over time, this can lead to blockages due to rain and snowmelt. This can lead to leaks, which can ultimately lead to issues with your entire roofing system.

This is all to say you should never underestimate the importance of having fully functional and clean gutters. But, what is the best way to clean gutters? Below you’ll find methods for cleaning gutters, as well as some safety tips to ensure it goes smoothly and doesn’t end with a trip to the hospital.

Methods for Cleaning Your Gutters

Man on roof using a leaf blower to clean his rain gutter showing one of the three best ways to clean gutters

Use a Leaf Blower

Your trusty leaf blower is one way to get rid of debris in your gutters and get them functioning properly once more. If you don’t have one, there are some great options available to purchase. Make sure to choose one that has a nozzle attachment so that you can get into the gutters and clear them thoroughly. Just be wary of where you’re blowing the debris, as you don’t want it to slide into the downspout. If you’re worried about standing on a ladder, some attachments allow you to extend the reach of the blower.

Use a Pressure/Power Washer

If your gutters are seriously clogged, or it’s been a significant amount of time since you cleaned them, a power washer might just do the trick. If you use a pressure washer, be prepared for two things. First, pressure washers can be dangerous if not used correctly. So unless you have experience in using one, it’s best to call a pro to help unclog your gutters. Second, they can be extremely messy. So, be prepared to clean up the exterior of your home as dirt and grime will likely spray from your gutters. To ensure your project goes smoothly check out this step-by-step guide on power washing rain gutters.

Just Use Your Hands & Garden Hose (a.k.a “Old Fashioned Way”)

Not only does this Old Fashion method require nothing more than your hands and a hose. It makes for a great chore to give your grouchy teenager. Don’t worry we won’t tell them you own a leaf blower…

All jokes aside this system is realistically, fairly easy (depending on the severity of the build-up)… Simply clean your gutters using your hands. All you’ll need is a ladder, bucket, garden trowel or gutter scoop, and some work gloves. Simply use your garden trowel or a gutter scoop to take out leaves and debris and place it into your bucket. Once you’re complete, make sure to use a garden hose to ensure that the gutters and downspouts are functioning properly. If you run into any issues with your downspout, you can use a drain snake to clear any remaining blockage.

Safety Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters

Man standing on top of ladder cleaning home gutter

Practice Proper Ladder Safety

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when cleaning your gutters is not being safe when using your ladder. Make sure your ladder is extremely sturdy before using and consider having someone help out by holding the ladder down (especially if it’s not 100% sturdy). Falling from the top of the ladder can easily lead to broken bones. In addition, always observe the three touchpoint rule and always face the ladder when coming down.

Protect Your Precious Hands

We’ve mentioned this already, but it bears repeating. Definitely wear work gloves while cleaning out your gutters. You’ll save yourself from some potential scrapes and it can be kind of a dirty job sometimes.

Sheild Your Eyes from debris

This is especially important if you’re using a power washer or pressure washer to clean out your gutters. Debris can fly out from all over the place so wear some safety goggles to ensure you don’t get anything in your eyes.

man wearing rubber boots on top of ladder cleaning home gutters

Wear Rubber Shoes for Better Traction

If you need to get up on your roof to properly clean your gutters, wearing rubber shoes will provide better traction and reduce the possibility of slipping. If you need any help installing new gutters or fixing up a broken gutter system, reach out to Eagle Eye Roofing today!