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Questions to ask a Roofer

36 Crucial Questions to Ask a Roofer (Before They Get On Your Roof)

With so many storm chasers and traveling roofers knocking at your door, it's hard to…

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temporary fix for roof leak

4 Cheap, Temporary Fixes For A Leaking Roof That Will Eventually Need Real Repairs

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re probably dealing with some sort of water damage…

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how to clean roof shingles

How to Clean Roof Shingles Without Damaging Your Roof

A dirty roof can really bring down the overall aesthetic of your home. Curbside appeal…

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when should you pay a roofer

When Should You Pay A Roofer? Up Front Or After Job Completion? (Homeowners Guide)

If you've never hired a contractor before, the process can seem somewhat intimidating at first…

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roof cleaning products

4 Roof Cleaning Products That Actually Work + Cleaning Tips

Have you struggled to find roof cleaning products that actually work? With heaps of options…

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roof replacement

How Often Should You Replace Your Roof + Roof Replacement Signs to Look For

A roof replacement is something that many homeowners, at some point, need to deal with.…

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How to Remove a Wasp Nest + Other Critters From Your Roof: Advice From The Pro’s

Finding a wasp nest in your home can be a terrifying & dangerous experience!  Believe…

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Roof Leaks Repair

How Much Value Does a New Roof Add to a House: Improving Your Home’s ROI

There are many, many different ways you can improve your home's ROI (which we'll get…

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christmas light fails

6 Rookie Christmas Light Fails + Christmas Light Installation Tips

Ah yes, the holiday season is nearly upon us. But, with the holiday season comes…

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Roofer construction roof maintenance

7 Best Roofing Companies in Houston

Replacing a roof on your home is a massive undertaking! Not to mention, finding the…

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