Gutters can get all sorts of crazy things stuck in them. That’s why it’s essential to clean out your gutters regularly. Otherwise, they can become severely clogged, which can lead to a damaged roof and leaks.

Just to show you how important cleaning out your gutters is, here is a list of some of the craziest things we’ve found in gutters over our 10+ years as a roofing services provider in Texas.

That One Sock That Disappeared

That favorite pair of socks was tragically separated during that one laundry session all those years ago? Well, we found it in some gutters this past summer. Finally, those socks can be reunited after all this time.

Twenty-Five Cents

We couldn’t believe our fortune during one particular new gutter installation project. We actually found 25 cents! We spent it on one gumball that we split between all the crew members on the job site—still one of our most rewarding jobs to date.

Blackbeard’s Treasure

Hundreds of years ago, Blackbeard (allegedly) stashed his treasure somewhere. Some folks believe he buried it in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay, while others believe it to be hidden in the Caribbean or Cayman Islands. It turns out it was actually in someone’s gutters. Clever Blackbeard. No one would even think of looking there.

What’s in the Pulp Fiction Briefcase

It perplexed movie fans, philosophers, and scientists for years now. What exactly is in the infamous briefcase in Tarintino’s classic Pulp Fiction? We actually found the briefcase in a gutter once. We opened it and my oh my we couldn’t believe what we stumbled upon. Of course, we’re not at liberty to tell you what’s in it. After all, where’s the fun in that?

The Remote For the TV

We’ve all been there. You’re looking for the remote because the Masked Singer just popped up on the TV, and you have no interest in watching it. But you can’t locate it. You’ve checked under the couch, in between the cushions, behind the TV, and every other nook and cranny of your home but with no luck. Sure enough, if you check in your gutters, you just might find it. We’re not sure how it got up there, but we do know that digging around in your gutters looking for a remote is better than watching the Masked Singer (no offense to Masked Singer fans!)

The Name of That One Song Whose Beat Keeps Getting Stuck in Your Head, But you Can’t Remember

It’s been driving you crazy. You can hum the rhythm and beat and may even remember some of the lyrics. But what you can’t remember is the name of that gosh darn song. Well, one recent project actually brought us the answer. You won’t believe it, but the song you were looking for is Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins. A certified banger. You got great taste, my friend.

Your Keys

You know those keys you lost a while ago? Well, we found them in some gutters not too long ago. Come and pick them up if you don’t want to keep using your spare set of keys.

Ryan’s Mind From The Office

Who suspected that Stanley’s offer to help find Ryan’s mind was actually in earnest. Sure enough, on one roofing job, we found the temp’s mind. So no worries, Stanley, we’ve got you covered!


We know, we couldn’t believe it either. But we actually found leaves in a gutter on several separate occasions.

The Two Hours and Fifteen Minutes You Thought You Lost After Watching Vanilla Sky

You walked away from Vanilla Sky thinking, Well, there is two hours and fifteen minutes I’ll never get back. We’re still not sure what that whole thing was all about. The good news is, we actually did find that lost time in some gutters the other day. If you’re interested in getting back that time, stop by our office sometime.

Now, if only we could find the lost time from our viewings of Gigli.

The Meaning of Life

It’s not often you stumble upon the answer to one of the biggest philosophical questions of all time. But, on one gutter tear-down and installation job, we were able to find the answer to the meaning of life. We’d tell you, but we were explicitly told by the wise sage we found in the gutters that we couldn’t share this knowledge.

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