Custom Gutters Installation, Replacement and Repair

You need to make one phone call to fix, remove or install new gutters

Custom Gutters installation provides your home problems-free maintenance

The gutters protect your home from water causing damage to the foundations. A rusted, leaking gutter can cause as much damage to the exterior and interior of your house as a leaking roof, and it can be costly to repair it.

We think long-term when we think about our customers ‘ gutter system solutions. To maintain a functioning gutter structure, we know the importance of preventive services.


Eagle Eye Roofing provides repair services to current gutter systems, frequent gutter cleaning, and measurement

Maybe you’ve looked at your home gutters and noticed they’re broken, buckled, or even split. Our roofing specialists can make planned inspection service visits to locate damage to your gutter system and make repair advice.


Seamless Gutters cost range from $4.75 per foot up to $11.00 per foot. Cost ranges due to the size of gutter to be installed and if leaf protection is necessary.

Our projects

Beautiful New Caney Home

This roof replacement will be protecting this family’s home for many years to come

Roof Replacement in Spring Tx

15-year non-prorated warranty with Atlas Roofing Shingles and Scotchgard protection

Late evening Roof Repair

All of their pipe jacks have rotted rubber seals and are being a hurry!

Fencing around the pool

"Quick and seamless: new Cedar Fence installation around the pool