There are many, many different ways you can improve your home’s ROI (which we’ll get to later). But, one of the most popular ways to do so is through a roof replacement. A new roof can add a ton of curb appeal to your home, in addition to adding a lot of value. But, just how much can it add?

How Much Value Does a New Roof Add to a Home?

According to this Home Advisor article, removing your old roof and replacing it with a brand new one can increase your home resale value by up to $12,000. That is some great ROI. In fact, according to the study referenced in the article, a new roof has a higher average ROI than a new bathroom addition!

It’s clear that, in the right circumstances, a new roof is a great investment. But, in what instances might it not make sense?

When to Replace Your Roof

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if a new roof is in the cards.

Are You Looking to Sell Soon?

Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is when do you plan on selling. If you’re looking to sell as soon as possible, then a new roof is likely a smart decision. However, if you’re not planning on selling for 5-10 years or even further down the road, then it’s wise to hold off on the roof replacement. If you wait too long to sell your home after a roof repair, then your roof will lose its value over that time. The result is an ROI that isn’t as high as it should be.

How Old is Your Roof?

Inquiring about the actual age of your roof is also important. Perhaps your roof is still new enough where the value a new roof will add isn’t all that much. On the opposite side, even if your roof looks good from the curb, if it’s older than 30 years, then you should consider a roof repair. A good rule of thumb: the older your roof, the more likely it is to bring down the value of your home overall.

Does it Make More Sense to Opt For a Roof Repair Instead?

If your roof is relatively new and has a solid 30+ years left in its lifespan, but doesn’t meet the curbside appeal test, then perhaps a roof repair is needed. Instead of investing in a completely new roof and tearing down your current roof, a repair allows you to fix up the cosmetic issues of your roof for much less.

In addition to considering a new roof, here are some other great ways to improve your home’s value!

Other Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

Remodel an old room

A good old remodel is another fantastic way to drive up the price of your home when it hits the open market. For example, living rooms and kitchens make for very popular remodeling choices. In addition, a main bedroom remodel, and even a dining room remodel are also on the table.

Exterior remodel

Another option is to remodel the exterior of your home. In addition to your roof, you can also look into replacing your siding. A larger project you can take on might be a deck addition, adding manufactured stone veneer, or improving the entrance of the home with a new door.

Improving energy efficiency

There are many ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your home, which can be very enticing for potential buyers that want to lower their carbon footprint.

Some specific areas to consider optimizing in terms of their energy use include:

  • Heating and cooling costs
  • Windows, doors, and siding installations
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Landscaping for energy conservation
  • Installing solar panels on your home

Give your home a fresh coat of paint

Never underestimate how a fresh coat of paint can bring new life into your home. When it comes to painting your home, go with a neutral color for the interior to ensure that it is appealing to as many people as possible. They may eventually decide to repaint it themselves, but creating a good experience when they are touring the home is key. Choosing a color like Agreeable Gray or Accessible Beige will help ensure you don’t turn any potential buyers away.

For the exterior, it’s best to choose a color or shade similar to what you currently have.

Reach Out to Eagle Eye For Your Texas Roof Replacement Needs

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