Gutters are instrumental in keeping your home safe from the elements. Texas sees its fair share of big storms, and having gutters that can handle the beating is essential for avoiding massive storm damage. Leaks caused by poorly installed or damaged gutters can lead to much bigger problems down the road. For this reason, investing in high-quality gutters is a must.

But, you also need to install those gutters correctly. Here at Eagle Eye, we pride ourselves on offering the best gutter installation services in Texas. We thought we’d offer some helpful tips for a successful gutter installation project.

But first, let’s talk about some of the DON’Ts of gutter installation.

How NOT to Install Gutters

Don’t try and install gutters until you’ve learned proper ladder safety

It may seem like an easy part of the installation process, but actually getting up on a ladder and putting new gutters in can be dangerous. Depending on the height of your home, a fall from the top of a ladder can be bad and equate to an expensive trip to the hospital. Even if your home isn’t very tall, landing awkwardly on your ankle or arm from 8+ feet can be bad. So, when it comes to installing gutters, don’t be reckless. 

Check out this video to get the skinny on proper ladder use around the home: 

Don’t try and install gutters during a torrential downpour

That’s just a bad idea. We shouldn’t have to explain it any more than that.

Don’t attempt to install gutters after a few brewskis

Sure, that liquid courage may give the confidence of being able to handle a home improvement project, but you’ll likely do a poor job.

Don’t try and install gutters if you don’t have a roof

You may be surprised to find out that installing gutters is near impossible if you don’t have a roof. So, first things first, make sure you have a strong, sturdy roof over your head.

Don’t install new gutters if you have a family of squirrels living in your current gutter system

Sure, they may not pay rent, but it’s not good to tear down a squirrel’s home before relocating them. Squirrels are vengeful, and they hold grudges. So, make sure to have a professional come in and relocate them to a local park or wooded area.

Don’t install gutters if you have never installed gutters

Installing gutters isn’t the most complicated home improvement job on the planet, but doing it right is essential for maintaining the integrity of your roof and the safety of your home. For this reason, you either need to work with an experienced gutter installer or enlist the help of a pro to get the job done.

Okay, now that we’ve gone over some of the things to avoid when installing gutters, here are some tips to ensure you do it right.

Tips For Installing Gutters the Right Way

Make sure you have the right tools

Not having the right tools on hand can make installing gutters correctly impossible. Here are some of the key tools you’ll need for a successful gutter installation:

It’s probably a wise idea to not buy too much of this equipment if you don’t own it already. This is because you may use it just the one time for gutter installation, then never use them again. Unless you’re planning to utilize them for other home improvement projects, it’s best to look into renting some of these tools.

Many hands make light work

While too many folks working on a single gutter installation will probably cause more trouble than good, enlisting the help of a friend or neighbor to help you out will make the job go much faster and smoother. Just make sure you buy them a drink or a meal afterward to thank them for their assistance.

Make sure you have the right materials to get the job done right

Nothing can derail a project faster than finding out you don’t have the right materials. You’re in a groove, knocking off some of the initial steps, and then you look for your downspouts and realize you forgot them. Double and even triple-checking to ensure you have the right materials will help you streamline the project and avoid delays.

While materials will vary slightly depending on the project, here are the key materials you’ll generally need for a successful gutter installation:

  • 1 1/4″ self-tapping hex head screws
  • 1/4″ hex head screws (‘zippers’)
  • 1/8-in. medium length rivets
  • Downspouts
  • Elbows
  • Gutter
  • Gutter flashing
  • Gutter hanging strap
  • Gutter sealant

If you’re not confident in installing your own gutters, give Eagle Eye a call today! 

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If you’re not sure if you need to have your gutters replaced, here are a few signs to look for:

  • Broken, buckled, or split gutters are tell-tale signs that a repair is in order.
  • If you’ve noticed water seeping into your foundation, then make sure to take action fast to get a repair in order.

Sometimes, however, it can be tricky to tell whether or not your gutters are broken. If you’re ever not sure, give us a call and we’ll come by for FREE inspection.