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17 Unique Things You Need To Do When Visiting Galveston In 2022

There are lots of things to enjoy throughout the great state of Texas. We know…

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How To Tarp A Roof In Preparation For A Hurricane (Step By Step)

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5 Beautiful Parks You Can’t-Miss While In Katy, TX

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8 Super Fun Things To Do In Kingwood, Texas (Local Guide)

Kingwood, Texas, was voted one of the safest cities to live in the Houston, TX…

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wind damage

How To Detect (And Repair) Wind Damage To Your Roof [Guide]

As a homeowner, you've likely had at least one run-in with wind damage to your…

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questions to ask a roofer

36 Crucial Questions to Ask a Roofer (Before They Get On Your Roof)

With so many storm chasers and traveling roofers knocking at your door, it's hard to…

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