Late evening Roof Repair

Roof repairs cost starts at $350

Trying to beat the rain for this customer in Kingwood

All of their pipe jacks have rotted rubber seals and are being replaced…in a hurry! This problem is most likely related to the flashing on your roof that surrounds your plumbing vents.

A very common problem we face when evaluating roofs is worn, insufficient, or incorrectly installed flashing boot around the plumbing vent pipe. Such slow leaks can cause rot and mildew, which is much more expensive to repair than if you let done right by a professional.

Roof repairs cost starts at $350. From the most simple repairs to the most complex we will evaluate the problems you have for your roof and provide solutions to your roof damage with up to a 10 year warranty.


A roof leaking around a ventilation pipe is a frequent cause of tiny water stains on a ceiling or water leakage into a home

Our experts are happy to inspect your roof to protect your home from further water damage