Fence Installation, Replacement and Repair

A classical wooden fence is a valuable addition to any property

Texas fences are facing unique challenges, and any fence here must be robust enough to stay upright

Lone star climate is much more formidable than in most areas of the country. With the right wood, your fence can reach the best in two aspects: form and functionality. For our fences, we use sturdy wood types, so it will do its job for years to come.

Cedar Fencing

Western red cedar, one of the most popular fencing choices, is the best wood to deal with dramatic temperature changes and humidity. The temperature change puts a strain on the wood fibers whenever the weather goes from cold to hot and back. Western red cedar is resistant to this impact in general.

A similar situation exists when the wood is treated to moisture and then repeatedly dried. The continuous expansion and contraction will result in sap strength from most plants, but again in these circumstances, western red cedar will be resistant. This characteristic makes it the fences wood of preference in Houston.


You can choose for fencing for security reasons, for your privacy, and just because it looks attractive!

Wood Privacy Fence

Wood fencing gives a property a natural, organic look and provides a yard with a unique character. It is also very flexible to the contour of the ground and quickly designed to fit your property’s upsides and downsides.

With their aesthetic style, wooden privacy fences are primarily designed to block the view and to keep the backyard and pool secure from viewers outside.

Farm and Ranch Fences

For installing farm and ranch fences, we make sure you know the property lines to avoid neighborhood drama or positioning mistakes. Together with you, we map out all fence lines and mark the future location of these fence elements.

Depends on your needs, we specify the proposal and the features to help you choose the right kind of farm fence.


Fence Installation starts at $21 per foot for a 6.5-foot-tall wood fence with a rot board. Depending on the style of fence prices can reach $30+ per foot but the average cedar fence installation is $24 per foot with an unheard of 5 year and even 10-year warranty.

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