Ah yes, the holiday season is nearly upon us. But, with the holiday season comes the need for Christmas light decorations—for those who celebrate. 

While not everyone is gung-ho on decking their home in lights, many folks around the world put in a lot of work to make their home look festive and fun. There are some folks who, well, maybe don’t put as much thought or effort into their Christmas lights. 

Here are some of the worst Christmas light fails we’ve seen, from town squares and malls to neighborhood homes. In addition, we’ve provided some tips for how to install Christmas lights on your home to ensure you’re the talk of the neighborhood (for good reasons, of course!) 

Main Street Mishap

At Eagle Eye Roofing, we call ‘em as we see ‘em. And that lighting display looks like underwear. City planners, step your game up. 

Not in the Holiday Spirit

Some folks may call this one a success rather than a failure, but we’re pretty festive here at Eagle Eye, so we’re going to give this one bad marks (as funny as it may be). 

An Abomination From Hell

Okay, so this one isn’t a lighting fail, but just look at that thing. We don’t want to know the exact specifics on how that creature came to be, but we do know one thing for sure: it will haunt our dreams. 

Mall Christmas Tree Fail

We have no idea what this mall was going for with this Christmas “tree.” It looks like an un-potty trained Clifford the Big Red Dog strolled through the mall. 

Stolen Valor

Yeah, this one is actually pretty clever and hilarious. Instead of going through the painstaking process of putting up all those lights on your home, four simple letters can get the point across. Though, you have to give props to the homeowners on the left for actually putting in the work. 

An Unfortunate Revelation

At night, this lighting set-up actually looks pretty good, with Santa seemingly tossing gifts into his slay. But, when daytime comes around, well, the result is quite unfortunate. 

Christmas Light Installation Tips

Here are some Christmas light installation tips to ensure you’re home shines this holiday season. 

Safety First

Always make sure that the equipment you’re using, such as your ladder, is fully functional. Working with a friend or family member to help keep the ladder steady is a great way to make sure you’re safe while putting up your lights. 

Look at Some Christmas Light Success For Inspiration

While we just showed you some examples of some lighting fails, there are plenty of great examples of some amazing lighting on homes. Pinterest is a great place to start! 

Choose a Color Scheme That Works Well

Red and green is always a classic color combination for Christmas lights, but you can really choose any two colors you want—as long as they look good together. This post from Yard Envy breaks down some of the best color combinations to use for your home. 

Many Hands Make Light Work

Having a partner or two can help with both your safety and the overall ease of the Christmas installation. The more people helping, the faster it’ll go, and the more fun you’ll have! 

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